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Our story began in 2010, and since then we have grown from a small family business into a diversified group of companies providing services not only within Ukraine but also beyond its borders, in various countries of Europe, Israel, and the USA.

We started with accounting services, but over time, we expanded our scope and added legal consultations. Since 2017, as we continued to evolve, we also began developing software to better meet the needs of our clients.

Our services cover all areas of accounting and law, and we take pride in helping our clients not only comply with laws and regulations but also achieve their business goals.


Our client base is distributed across different countries, and we strive to provide quality services on a global level. Regardless of your location, we are always ready to assist you with our professional services.

Join the "SLOYEV" client family and discover how we can help you with your accounting, legal, and software needs. Our success is built on your success!

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