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We assist Ukrainians in Spain to find and obtain 'Cita' appointments.

Appointment Booking (Cita DGT)

Automation of some services in the public sector leads to the impossibility of obtaining the same services. In addition to the discomfort of those trying to obtain services, they may violate the law and receive fines for late document processing.


We have decided to help those who find themselves in a difficult situation and cannot find available slots in Spanish government institutions to submit documents. We monitor 24/7 all available appointment slots and notify you about them.


Our project has just started and is operating in a testing mode. If it indeed helps our citizens to free up some time and preserve their nerve cells, we will expand the range of services.

Subscribe and be the first to receive information about available 'Cita' appointments in all cities of Spain.

Cita DGT

UAH 250


Пошук CITA в DGT на заміну водійського посвідчення для Українців

Valid for one month

Моніторинг 24/7

E-Mail оповіщення про наявність вільних годин

Пошук для послуги (Canjes de permisos de conduccion)

Пошук тільки в одній локації (1 місто)

Для громадян України

If you need to receive notifications about available appointment slots (CITA) in certain cities in Spain, you need to subscribe to multiple services.

If you encounter any issues with purchasing a subscription or receiving informational emails, please contact us via chat or at the email address

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